Dewatering System FAM - Oil Purifier

The new FAM Economy Series – up to 75 l/min Made from HYDAC Technology in Indonesia with local competence and Original HYDAC components.

Oil Purifier

Hydraulic Oil and Lubrication Oil often get contaminated with water and gas, the water can appear as solved water or as emulated (free Water) additionally with other solid contamination the system can get a heavy damage. The change of fluid is expensive and results a stop of production.
HYDAC developed a unit (FAM) to dewater, degas and clean the fluid. After the treatment the fluid is full reusable for long time. The water content is always shown on a display measured by an integrated aqua sensor. In addition we can also supply a contamination on line measure equipment. The FAM works with a vacuum pump and use a corrosion free vacuum camber.
A suction filter protect the inlet pump and also a large Inline filter cleans the fluid before a discharging pump returns the fluid to the customers tank again.
The electronic switch the FAM automatically out as soon the required quality is achieved. An integrated (optional) heater brings the fluid to a lower viscosity if needed. (recommended for lube oil for gear boxes)
Technical details you will find in our brochure, or just ask our engineers.

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